Sensory Integration & Music



We recently started Lily out on a system called Integrated Listening Systems.  It’s music therapy. As I learned from Jean Ayres in her book, “Sensory Integration & the Child” the sensory system is where everything begins inside of us. If our senses can’t take in the ‘right’ information the ‘right’ way we can’t output the ‘right’ information the ‘right’ way.  Simple as that.  

So what does music have to do with sensory integration?  Jean Ayres believed & she stated in her sensory integration theory that the more senses you can get working together all in unison the better the sensory integration outcome would be.  The neurons that fire together wire together essentially bonding senses together making them stronger and more automatically integrated together.  So by integrating the senses by using them you can empower your brain to work better which helps the CNS as a result because our brain is what controls this system.  So to answer the question, “what does music do for sensory integration?”: by listening to music your brain is working.  When you combine this auditory sense (listening) with another sense such the vestibular sense (movement on a swing or a balance board) you are requiring the brain to work harder. And suddenly it works better becoming more organized and automatic with practice.  If you are always listening to music your brain is always working.  Making connections.  Remember when neurons connect we learn. The more connections the more learning happens. It’s fast forwarding your ability to successfully integrate your senses in a manner that is so natural and innately within us, that it works. The best way to understand is to watch the video here:  

So there you have it.  It took Lily 3 attempts & now she is wearing the headphones & waist pack doing small fine motor activities like stacking blocks. We haven’t started the actual program yet and intend to begin now that the holidays are over & we are back to a routine.  

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